Manege Beukers - Oudkarspel


Horse riding lessons

Lessons are taken in either one of our spectacular indoor or outdoor arenas. Due to the fact that the stables are located next to the Geestmerambacht recreational area, during summer it’s a wonderful place to also take part in a supervised tour of the area.

Varied lesson program

We offer a very varied program in which (depending on the level of the rider) other disciplines such as jumping and carousel riding are practiced. Riders can participate in fun events which are routinely organized. In the summer, adult riders can participate in cross country outside the stables and enjoy the forests and heather.

Time for a cozy drink

After the lesson has concluded you can join your fellow riders in our cantine and discuss your progress. The cantine has a view onto both the indoor and outdoor arenas.

In the weekend, events are routinely organized, for example jumping lessons, tournaments etc.


Pony riding lessons

Your child learns how to ride in a friendly, easy and safe way! Children from age 7 are welcome at our riding school. Beginners start with 30-minute private lessons; depending on their progress they will usually need 3 or 4 private lessons.

Thereafter, your child moves into a beginners group consisting of at most 8 other children. One of our advantages is that we give your child optimal attention in the lesson. In order to guarantee the best quality service we have a maximum of 8 children per lesson. Children that already have some riding experience can start in the group lessons straightaway. Normally, lessons take place in the afternoon, excepting Sunday. There is also horse riding for junior riders of all levels.

You can watch and enjoy

Our cantine is the ideal spot fot a parent to enjoy a drink and watch the progress of the riding quality of your child. From our cantine you have a good view onto the arena.

Extra activities

Apart from group and private lessons for both beginners and advanced riders, we organize fun events such as: game afternoons, tournaments and in the summer fantastic pony camps!

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