Manege Beukers - Oudkarspel




Manege Beukers is renown for very good and extensive service to their customers, their horses and pony’s. Supervision and instruction is given on a very high level.

Some of the livery customers ride purely for recreational purposes and some are fanatic tournament riders varying in experience from B through Z2 dressage and ZZ jumping. There are also those that enjoy long rides outside the stables. You will be able to ride from the stables directly into the forests of the Geestmerambacht recreation area. The forest and dunes at Schoorl are close by and offer fantastic riding possibilities. Once you are in the dunes, the beach is very easy to reach.

At Manege Beukers the pursuit of high quality boarding is our goal. The wellbeing of the horses and pony’s in our care is our top priority.